About Us

Total Care Staffing focuses on time-saving, worry free solutions that are customized for the individual or the business.  The goal is to help manage personal and professional commitments.  Experts across an array of different fields can be coordinated to provide domestic staffing services throughout South Florida.  We offer comprehensive packages as well as an array of tailored services, which range from property maintenance to professional recruiting and staffing all the way to residential staffing.  It doesn’t matter whether the client needs assistance planning a wedding or a venue, organizing their household, a meal delivery  cooked by a professional well-known chef to caring for a love one with a smile, daily household organizing or moving to a building to another- luxury lifestyle  manager concierge services can be utilized to save time and money and provide a worry free atmosphere  while the job gets done.

We are a boutique agency with large agency experience. We’ve seen the way large agencies work. Because we do not operate from a database of thousands upon thousands of unknown names, we can be highly selective with the candidates we place. Not only do we individually vet each applicant, we know all of our candidates and clients personally. We believe this builds trust and ultimately a perfect match.

Our business – staffing homes – is extremely close to the heart. Whether a client is looking for a staff member or a candidate is looking to integrate into an employer’s home, the match is nothing short of personal – on both sides. It requires a unique fit.

Specializing in placing Housekeepers, Estate Managers, Drivers and other domestic staff. We background screen and thoroughly vet our candidates. To find the best candidate for you. Unsurpassed Excellence. We’ll Match You Perfectly.